Naturopathy is a holistic, drugless system of healing with the underlying belief that the 5 elements in the universe – earth, water, air, fire and space – that make up our bodies too, have the power to heal our systems of any issues. Naturopathy aims to restore vitality through supporting and stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms by addressing an individual’s lifestyle, genetic-predisposition or dietary imbalances.



The five elements are explained below :

1. Earth : It has the highest density amongst all five elements and manifests itself in all body mass. Thus, our muscles, bones, skin, nails, teeth, etc. represent the Earth element. An excess of Earth in our body causes obesity. On the other hand, its deficiency causes emaciation. Amongst our sensory organs, Earth is associated with the sense of smell.


2. Water : Water signifies flow and constitutes all body fluids and fat within the human body. It is essential for several critical functions like maintaining body temperature, transporting nutrients, antibodies, hormones as well as waste, balancing body electrolytes and providing a basic medium for body’s metabolic activities. Water is also associated with the sense of taste.


3. Fire : Fire provides the energy required for all activities in our body. It controls our body temperature as well as metabolic rate. A balance around this element is essential for smooth functioning for all our body activities. Amongst our sensory organs, Fire is associated with the sense of vision.


4. Air : Air controls all voluntary as well as involuntary body movements. It is also responsible for our thoughts, emotions as well as electrical impulses. Air is associated with the sense of touch.


5. Ether : Ether is omnipresent and provides a medium for everything to exist. In the human body it manifests itself in the form of various cavities and pores. It is the subtlest of all the five elements. Amongst our sensory organs, Ether is associated with the sense of sound.

A balance between these elements helps restore our vitality and keep off diseases. This is one of the essential building blocks of a Naturopathy treatment, which promotes harmony between the five elements through proper diet, exercise and appropriate natural therapies.


The principles of Nature cure include:

a. No harm

b. Treating the cause of the disease (not the symptoms)

c. To live healthy and avoid disease, give education (importance of patient education)

d. Immunization of the whole body by individual treatment (every person is different)

e. Special emphasis on prevention of disease rather than medical

f. Strengthens the life force of the body (the ability to fight diseases) (the body only removes diseases, not medicine)


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